An effective cloud seeding program is a system that must be studied and designed to be installed and operate. Although the initial cost of implementing the system can be considered high at first, it is largely amortized over the length of time, since these programs are generally long-term, due, on one side, to their real positive contribution to the water situation of a region, as well as the increasing frequency and persistence of drought periods associated with global warming and climate change, which makes it necessary not only to maintain this technology to mitigate its effects, but also to help other measures to be effective, such as the construction of reservoirs and aqueducts, among others, which, while totally necessary, do not produce water, but require it to exist, in order to manage it better.

The stages to consider are the following:

  • Definition of the profit zone
  • Development of the meteorological and geographical analysis of the zone.
  • Design of the generator network and zoning in the field
  • Requesting installation permissions and various procedures
  • Installation of the Silver Iodide Generators
  • System Operation

The average working time to start up a cloud seeding project with Silver Iodide Terrestrial Generators is 2 to 4 months, which may be greater for projects that cover a large area and require a significant number of Generators. Once installed, the system goes into permanent operation if required. If it remains deactivated for a long period, it takes only a few days to implement it in operating conditions.

  • Publicado por: Mettech
  • April 24, 2018

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