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About Mettech

Mettech S.p.A., is a company specialized in the development of programs of "Sowing of Clouds", specifically with the operation of Terrestrial Generators of Silver Iodide. Due to the water deficit and the increase in water consumption in the world, this technology is being increasingly required and used, since it is practically the only way to intensify the availability of fresh water.

Our company has the knowledge and the experience to offer an integral and efficient implementation of this type of programs.
We have our own professional staff and external collaborators with vast experience and knowledge in areas of meteorology, cloud physics, automation and telecommunications, among others. The trajectory of our staff places us as the company with greater experience in Latin America for the realization projects of cloud seeding with terrestrial generators.

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Our Team

Mettech's team has been working together for several years and has achieved strong cohesion as a team, which stands out for the great commitment and responsibility with the projects we carried out. We focus in all-terrain work , where we always look for the way to deliver results to our customers.


We offer a professional and quality service in every work performed


ariety of alternatives and versatility to create practical solutions adjusted to the needs of the client


We respond for our work, ensuring the total satisfaction of our contractors


The client can deposit total reliance in people who work on the project


Always inform the advantages and disadvantages of each product or service we offer.

Business Group

METTECH is part of a business group in which each member brings different specialties, services and experience, with the aim of expanding professional services and pooling efforts and capabilities, as well as having presence in other countries that need to increase their water availability. The companies that make up this group are:

Chilean company founded in 1998, with the objective of developing cloud seeding projects with Terrestrial Generators. It carried out projects in Chile, in the regions of O'Higgins and Valparaiso and abroad, in Cuba and Venezuela.
Chilean company founded in 2013 oriented to the Engineering and technological development of Terrestrial Generators of Silver Iodide, developing the latest version of this type of Generators, with remote operation by GPRS or satellite signal. It also runs seed projects in the regions of O'Higgins and Valparaíso in Chile
Company founded in Panama in 2015, focused mainly on the scientific development of weather modification technologies, such as frost control, fog dissipation, hail suppression and cloud seeding. This Experimental Center for Modification of Atmospheric Weather, has a team of scientists and technicians of the highest level and in various countries.
Representation of HIDROMET S.A. , was founded in Mexico in 2017, with the aim of offering cloud seeding projects with Terrestrial Generators in that country and Central America.

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