Silver Iodide Terrestrial Generator

Silver Iodide Terrestrial Generator

The generator equipment of Silver Iodide , is basically a system of combustion of this product. The combustion is generated and controlled by an electronic system and solenoid valves, and is finally performed in a chamber located on the top of the equipment.

The Automatic Generator is designed for geographic isolation conditions, because of the circumstances of the programs, several equipments must be installed in the interior sectors of the mountain range or uninhabited sectors. These devices are handled remotely, with cellular or satellite communication signals, and operated through a web page.

The system is operated from a command post or from the internet, from where you will receive commands on and off the equipment. The condition, in which the generator is working, as indicated by the temperature indicator of the combustion chamber, is also monitored in real time.

The system is supplied with electrical energy by solar panels, which ensure a permanent operation of internal electronic equipment.

Our company offers a new design of generators, which have great advantages over previous versions. This new version has an autonomy of more than 100 hours of operation, for which it only occupies 100 liters of solution of Silver Iodide, to the dosage used according to grams per hour that is required. It works on the basis of solar energy so it is self sufficient and can be installed anywhere. The remote connection can be by cellular network or, in the absence of it, by satellite; it is operated by means of a web page, in which all the equipment of the network is inserted for a simple and very comfortable ignition and control. The equipment requires a monthly preventive maintenance and a visit in case the website indicates that any equipment has any anomaly.

The architecture of this new equipment is very simple, and was specially designed to avoid failures in the field, since visiting them for repairs is usually expensive and takes too long for remote places where they are installed.

This design, simpler and more compact than previous versions, is also reflected in the costs and construction times, so we are sure, we can offer an efficient technology at a reduced cost.

The main advantages of this equipment are:

Low consumption of Acetone:

It works with a more concentrated solution of Silver Iodide, so the cost in the long term is reduced in an important manner.

Low failure rate:

Having electronic flow control eliminates a large part of failure caused by obstruction of conduits and nozzles

Fixed combustion chamber with wind protection:

This equipment does not have a mobile system for the combustion chamber, but works with an H-shaped tube that prevents the equipment from turning off in the wind.

Robust electronic system:

The electronic control system is developed based on electronic boards with electrical protections and chemical insulators for their conservation

This Generator operates in the IV, V and VI regions of Chile, and has been approved by the Cloud and Fog Simulation Laboratory of the Obninsk Experimental Meteorological Institute, Typhoon Technical Scientific Complex, Russia. Review here the report.

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  • April 24, 2018

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