Design of Cloud Seeding Programs

Design of Cloud Seeding Programs

At Mettech, we design and do the implementation and operation of Precipitation Stimulation Programs, using the methodology of Silver Iodide injection in the cloudiness, both in terrestrial and aerial form, perceiving all its necessary stages.

Application of Programs for operational purposes, i.e. with the sole objective of increasing rainfall in a specific place, as well as for research or study purposes.
The objectives can be both to mitigate the effects of a specific drought and to vary the climatology of areas of natural water scarcity, such as semi-arid zones.
The main users are the State, agriculture, mining, hydroelectric generation and drinking water services.

  • Definition of the target area and its corresponding climatological study.
  • Design of the network of stations: preliminary macrozonation and final microzoning.
  • Construction and installation of network of Silver Iodide terrestrial generators
  • Operation and maintenance of the Program
  • Evaluation of Results

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions about our services

Does cloud seeding produce negative environmental impacts?

There is no evidence to suggest that cloud seeding generates significant negative environmental impacts on the environment. Measurements made since the 1950s indicate that the amount of Silver Iodide deposited in a target area after a long-term cloud seeding project is about 500 times below the amount known to be toxic to plants, animals, trees or humans. In fact, it is practically impossible to detect any accumulation of silver above the naturally occurring amounts in the environment. Investigations continue to be carried out today, but still without finding evidence of harm or danger. Investigations continue to be carried out today, but still without finding evidence of harm or danger.

It is often thought that cloud seeding steals rain from neighbor. This error is often based on the belief that there is limited moisture in the atmosphere. Water vapor is always present in the atmosphere. Calculations indicate that of the total humidity available in a cloud, only 1% falls to earth in the form of precipitation. Therefore, if cloud seeding generates an increase of approximately 10% in an area, only 0.1% of the water balance will be affected in this limited area. Several studies on the impact of cloud seeding on windward areas of desired target areas have indicated that precipitation tends to increase and never decrease, since the effect of planting can benefit areas up to 300 kilometers away.

No. The planting of clouds has nothing to do with so-called "chemtrails", chemical attacks or chemical trails. In fact, the existence of these "chemtrails" has few real foundations. What they call chemtrails are actually "stelae" or trails of clouds created by the condensation of humidity in the engines of the airplanes in high altitudes These stelae are harmless since it is only water vapor and they do not have any relation with the sowing of clouds.These trails are normally observed on clear days, when cloud seeding does not take place. Cloud planting nuclei from land or air sources do not produce such visible clouds. Cloud seeding projects are carried out in complete transparency, since there are studies that guarantee the safety of the environment and its operation is in public domain.

There are rumors, mainly in Spain, that airplanes of planting of clouds prevent it from precipitating or dissipating the clouds. This idea is totally wrong, cloud seeding projects always seek to increase precipitation, which is the fundamental objective of any grouping, institution or company that contracts these services. Whether hired by Farmers, Miners, Hydroelectric or Government, all get economic benefit from having more water. In relation to Hail Control projects, what they are looking for is to generate a larger quantity of hailstones of smaller size, in order to reduce damages due to falling impacts, and that, aditionally, an increase in the amount of hail has been perceived in these cases. On the dissipation of clouds to promote tourism, which is spoken in some informal internet media, so far no systems are known having those results, nor the technical ability of a country to dissipate clouds. The only records of attempting to prevent rain were made in Beijing for the 2008 Olympics and for the May Day celebration on Red Square in Moscow. As they were such isolated events, the results were apparently positive, but a quantity of gigantic Silver Iodide was used to supersaturate the cloudiness (8 tons in China) and only avoided precipitation for a few hours and on a very small area of Beijing. On the contrary, to increase precipitation, the dosage that each equipment emits to the atmosphere fluctuates between 6 to 12 grams of Iodide of silver per hour a very small amount compared to what was used to avoid rainfall.

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