Operation and maintenance

Operation and maintenance

The maintenance and operation of the generator network covers all the technical aspects for the correct operation of the generators, All these works are done 24/7, that is, there is always a technical team available and ready to go on the field. this implies:

  • Routine Maintenance: Periodic visits to the Generators to verify the state of the components and perform the complete electromechanical maintenance
  • Communications maintenance: The status of satellite and cellular connections is continuously checked.
  • Spare parts: A stock of spare parts and supplies necessary for possible repairs is kept up to date.
  • Website: The network control and monitoring website is kept up-to-date and online, from where contractors and the operator will have the information available for each equipment.
  • Testing of the network: Once a week the automatic equipment is turned on, in order to ensure the correct operation of each one, avoiding faults by disuse and prevent accumulation of waste in the combustion chamber.
  • Automatic Network Operation: Automatic equipment is turned on and off depending on weather conditions
  • Emergency repairs: Emergency repairs are performed when a device is failing in the area or during an operation.

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